ASSHP Overview

Asian Society of Safety and Health Professionals (ASSHP)ย is a non-profit organization serving professionals who are working in the occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene and environmental health fields.ย 

Our main activities are:

  • To train workers on occupational health and safety with regional and world class of safety standards;
  • To qualify health and safety practitioners;
  • To assist enterprises to improve their safety performance at work.

ASSHP is accredited by American Certification Service – Global Program (ACS-GP)ย  under the ISO/IEC 17024 standards for personnel certification programs that are internationally recognized as world based professional practice and ASSHP certifications as well.

Our Mission

To protect workers health & safety for a safer and healthier workplace Asia-wide

Our Vision

To inspire the Professionalism among Safety and Health Practitioners in Asia

The President message

“To be competent to do a job safely is essential. We set up assessment criteria based on international and industrial standards. More people will be protected and more lives will be saved when more people are certified professionally.”

What is our focus?


One of our main activities is to promote our membership. We target to gain 10,000 professional members by 2023 and 20,000 students members in 2024 as well.ย 


We have established criteria for safety and health practitioners competence development. These criteria are based on ISO/IEC 17024 standard. We target to certify 5,000 to 7,000 safety practitioners in 2022

Professional Members
Till 27 March 2021 24%
Student Members
Till 27 March 2021 25%